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Curatorship,Roundtable,V/A Performance
Chiostro SS.Cosma e Damiano, La Giudecca
Venice 2022


A very special thanks to Francesca Guarnotta, Anne Wichmann,Clara Francesca Pagone,Ludovica Ballarin, Maria Lizcano,Valentina Lovat for making this possible.
The event has been official part of Europe Maritime Day #EMDinmycountry initiative as a project for ocean literacy at the crossover of art&science.
The event has been possible thanks to VeniceCalls and their amazing disponibility to host and be part of the event in their space in Giudecca, Chiostro di SS.Cosma e Damiano.

MakeUsVisible x Venice Edition has extended the #makeusvisible initiative to the non-human part of our cities. A very special thanks to XRE Ensemble for connecting New York to Venice through the power of art and eco-systemic view of the world.


Project Partners: