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Book Covers for Indipendent Publishing House “Acsé”
WhiteLine Edizioni

Collection 2019

Who said you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover?

As a thin “white line”, the leitmotif of every book runs between the narrow marks of the landscape of my native region, Emilia-Romagna by collecting testimonials of a near past and the words of local poets and writers which are used to live hiddens in the fog.
The covers are a collection of hidden cross-references linked to the theme of each book.

In order of appearance:

“Belluca’s Dream” (hommage to Pirandello):
Published Nov 2019
(ISBN 978-88-943448-6-8)

”La ricerca di Astolfo”(hommage to Ludovico Ariosto and Ugo Foscolo):
Published April 2019
(ISBN 978-88-943448-4-4)

”Hic Sunt Leones”(hommage to Annibale Barca,
Published Sept 2019
(ISBN 978-88-943448-5-1)

The three covers are the result of the collaboration with the indipendent publishing house “Acsé” (literally “oh yeah”) edited by WhiteLine Graphic Studio


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