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Interactive Architectural Performance

Live Performance held at: 
Surfaces_Spaces Art &Architecture festival in Venice, 27th September 2018
within/WAB Berlin collective exhibition at Spazio Macao Milan, 19th May 2019
ATOMI live set+MINABOOM Visual Manifesto at BASE Milan, 28th September 2019

Behind a tense elastic textile, the performer.
An echo, a visceral soundscape, a sythetized voice which invites the visitor to move close to the textile and to interact with it in total freedom of movement.

The interaction between the inhabitant and the performer aims to eviscerate contacts and connections through a surface, a skin which seems digital through the senses of hearing and sight, but through the touch is real and creates an “intimate anonymous”connection.Skin Surfaces is an interactive performance based on mixed tecnhique and support. It is based of the interaction between visitor and performer through a textile, a new type of“skin”.

The purpose of the creation of a real contact through a virtual connection.


Do you remember that time when you were touching your surfaces?

Performance Created by: Letizia Artioli
Music composer: Daniele Cusmano
Performer :Marcella Faraci Rukavina
Venice Curators: Luca Curci,Andrea Chinellato